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Beginner Photography Workshop (Max. 2 participants)

If you’re new to digital photography, want to learn more, or simply wish to have a better understanding of the manual settings of your camera then this workshop is for you.

Understanding your camera and taking control of the exposure settings can unleash a whole new world of photographic creativity. Understanding light, composition and how each element of the exposure triangle affects the look of your image is key to achieving the photos you’ve always wanted.

These workshops are tailored entirely around you to give the maximum learning within the time available. After a short chat to establish what you’re hoping to learn on the workshop you’ll be taken on a simple step-by-step process to learn the key factors that go into capturing images the way you want. We’ll break down the exposure triangle and explain each of the three factors and how they all effect your images differently.

Key Principles

  • The exposure triangle (The what’s how’s and why’s of exposure),
  • Shutter speed (How to freeze or blur movement),
  • Aperture (How it affects depth of field / DOF),
  • ISO (What it is, when to use it and the drawbacks),
  • Principals of Composition (From the rule of thirds to lead-in lines and the Dutch tilt)
  • Hyperfocal distance (What it is and why it’s important),
  • Histograms (What they are and how to use and read them),
  • Focal length (How this can affect the look of your images, determine shutter speed choice and effect the DOF),
  • RAW versus Jpeg (File formats – what they are and what’s best for you),
  • White balance (What it is and how to use it).

You’ll also be taught how to see and use natural light, how your eye see compared to what your camera can capture, the best time to take a photo as well as many other things along the way. Not only will you learn all these things you’ll also get to do it while walking around the various iconic sights within out beautiful and historic city of Edinburgh.

Beginner Photography Workshops last 3.5 hours, start at 10.30am and begin and finish in a city centre location.

We recommend you dress appropriately and wear suitable footwear.

This workshop is designed for people with a fully manual camera. We don’t recommend you attend if you only have a point and shoot with auto settings.

If you have a tripod please bring it along. If you don’t have a tripod please let me know and I can supply one.

Beginner Photography Workshop – £80

Beginner Photography Workshop are available to book on a Wednesday or Sunday. If you’d like to arrange an alternative day and time please call Don Munro on: 07722 400 220.