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Evening Edinburgh Photography Tours

As night descends on the city this raises a whole set of new challenges for photographers as well as allowing for exciting possibilities.

Evening Photography Tours in Edinburgh are best attended between the months of September – May when the nights are longer and the days are short. We’ll aim to start BEFORE SUNSET so we can get started and be ready to capture twilight when the sky’s a beautiful blue colour.  Our aim during this workshop is to teach you the skill set you’ll need to create and capture dramatic and inspiring images at night.

Key Principles

  • Focusing (How to focus and capture sharp images),
  • Exposing in the dark (How to use aperture, shutter speed and ISO),
  • ISO (The advantages and disadvantages),
  • Tripods (Why we use them),
  • Shooting hand-held (How to shoot hand-held in low light),
  • Light Painting (Create captivating images with introduced light),
  • Vehicle light trails (How to capture them),
  • Long-exposure noise reduction (What it is, the benefits and drawbacks)
  • White balance (Control the colour in a scene),
  • RAW (Why shooting in the RAW file format has its advantages),
  • Streetlight starbursts (How to achieve this effect),
  • Avoid camera shake (Mirror lock-up, Remote triggers, In-built self-timers),
  • Dynamic range (How to capture the most detail without over-exposing).

Evening Edinburgh Photography Tours last 3.5 hours and start and finish in a city centre location.

We recommend you dress appropriately and wear suitable footwear.

This tour is designed for people with a fully manual camera. We don’t recommend you attend if you only have a point and shoot with auto settings.

A tripod is essential for an evening tour. If you have one please bring it along. If you don’t have a tripod I can supply one.

Evening - Edinburgh Photography Tour - £80

Edinburgh Photography Tours are available to book on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. If you’d like to arrange an alternative day and time please phone or text Don Munro on: 07722 400 220.