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Group Edinburgh Photography Tour Bookings

Book a Group Edinburgh Photography Tour and save money per individual. 

Subjects we can cover:

  • Focusing (How to focus and capture sharp images),
  • Exposing in the dark (How to use aperture, shutter speed and ISO),
  • ISO (The advantages and disadvantages),
  • Tripods (Why we use them),
  • Shooting hand-held (How to shoot hand-held in low light),
  • Light Painting (Create captivating images with introduced light),
  • Vehicle light trails (How to capture them),
  • Long-exposure noise reduction (What it is, the benefits and drawbacks)
  • White balance (Control the colour in a scene),
  • RAW (Why shooting in the RAW file format has its advantages),
  • Streetlight starbursts (How to achieve this effect),
  • Avoid camera shake (Mirror lock-up, Remote triggers, In-built self-timers),
  • Dynamic range (How to capture the most detail without over-exposing).

Group Photography Tours –

1 Person £80

2 People £130

3 People £170

4 People £200

To arrange your group photography tour please phone or text Don Munro on: 07722 400 220. Once a date and time has been arranged please pay using the form below.

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