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Photo Walks

Every year I host an annual Social Photo Walk. These fun photo walks allow fellow photographers of all levels to meet, make friends, share ideas, swap tips, enjoy Edinburgh and of course take lots of photos along the way.

Social photo walks are usually hosted in the summer months, last between two to three hours and often finish up in a local bar for a drink or snack afterwards.

If you’d like to attend one of these social photo walks please ‘Like’ and follow my Edinburgh Photo Walks Facebook Page.  Any upcoming walks or events will be posted there. Anyone planning to attend a social photo walk should first read the Terms & Conditions.

If you’d like to learn photography I offer a variety of Photography Workshops and tuition throughout the year.

Photo Walk Tips

  • Know what to expect.  Please read each event description before attending. Take note of important points such as meeting time and place, walk distance, route and the weather forecast.
  • Be safe and comfortable.  As we’ll be outdoors, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t get too distracted in your camera’s viewfinder. Always be aware of any hazards around you such as traffic, other people and uneven surfaces.
  • Be respectful.  Always be respectful to others. If you think a member of the public would be uncomfortable being photographed, don’t do it. Also watch out for other photographers and try to avoid getting in their way.
  • Your camera.  These walks are intended to be fun and not just for professionals with expensive cameras. Even if you have only a point-and-shoot camera you are very welcome to join us.
  • Minimise your gear.  There’s no need to carry every piece of photographic gear you own. Try and limit yourself to just the things you need.
  • Prepare your gear.  Make sure your camera is working properly, the batteries are fully charged and you have enough available memory on your card(s).
  • Don’t be shy.  Photo walks are all about meeting friends and making new ones. Remember everyone is there for the same reason as you.
  • Stay with the group.  We don’t want anyone getting lost or being left behind. If you don’t want to lose the group always keep an eye on where we are and know our intended route.
  • Bring a notepad and pen.  If you think you may want to take notes or simply exchange details with a new friend this may be a good idea.
  • Have fun.  This might be pretty obvious but the whole point of a photo walk is to have fun. Just go with the flow, don’t take it too seriously and have fun taking your photos your way.