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Looking to connect with other Edinburgh based Photographers? Why not join these two vibrant Facebook community groups.

The Edinburgh Photographers Community is a friendly online group of locals who share the same passion for photography as you. Everyone’s welcome to join, whether you’re a beginner, keen hobbyist, or a seasoned pro. With over 1,900 members it’s a fantastic place for you to share your images, connect with others, ask for advice and feedback, or hear about upcoming photographic opportunities.

Edinburgh Photographers Community.

The Edinburgh Photographers Exchange was setup to enable Edinburgh based photographers to exchange, sell and buy camera gear with other locals. It’s completely free to use (unlike eBay or similar sites) and because most members live locally it’s also easy for you to meet up in person, saving postage costs as well. With over 3,100 members this is by far our biggest group.

Edinburgh Photographers Exchange.

I very much hope you find both these groups useful. If you’d like to become a member of the groups just click on the links above and request to join, it’s completely free.

If you have photographer friends you think might be interested please feel free to share this post on your social media.

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